Woman in Bathroom with Zencha bathtub and furnitures


Design by Sebastian Herkner
Woman in front of a bathroom with Soleil bathtub

Soleil by Starck

Design by Philippe Starck


Design by Philippe Starck
White Tulip By Philippe Starck
Modern bathroom with freestanding D-Neo bathtub
D-Neo Minimal
Modern bathroom with D-Neo Boho furniture
D-Neo Boho
Large bathroom with Luv washbowl and bathtub
Luv Design by Cecilie Manz
Bathroom with dark Happy D.2 Plus furniture
HAPPY D.2 PLUS Design by sieger design
Sustainability at Duravit Our Climate Mission 2045
First Climate-Neutral Ceramic Plant Being built at the Matane site in the Canadian province of Québec
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